Monday, August 25, 2008

A Half-Hearted Look at Tributes to Carter and Kennedy as the Democratic Convention Begins

It’s about 9 p.m. CST here in the Midwest, and I’ve just witnessed the Carter tribute, followed by the appearance of Ted Kennedy, a very moving moment and the highlight so far of the Democratic convention. I admit my eyes misted over a couple of times, but I found myself unable to wholeheartedly get with the proceedings. Instead, I felt an emptiness from knowing the price paid so Democrats could not only ignore the media’s sexist trashing of Hillary Clinton, but actively participate in shoving her aside, thus showing crude disrespect to all women in our own nation and throughout the world.

(You will recall that I’m a lifetime Democrat who re-registered as non-affiliated this time around.)

In the meantime, the convention continues and Michelle Obama will soon be onstage to praise her husband Barack Obama. I’ll probably continue to watch.

If you need to catch up, the Caucus at the NY Times is a good bet. Kate Seelye is live blogging. For her latest post titled Senator Kennedy Takes the Stage, go here.


  1. Virginia,
    You are a stronger woman than me. I will not watch tonight. I'll watch when Sen. Clinton speaks and Pres. Clinton. I doubt I'll be able to listen to Obama. Here's the problem. I'm going to vote for the democratic ticket, but I cannot stand the preening going on and I'm tired of all of Clinton's supporters being lumped together as recalcitrant old ladies.
    I'm going to cast my vote and see how it plays out. But, until they see that they MUST account for how Clinton was treated and address it all the "get over it" and "I get it, there was sexism" on their part and from the media will not cut it.
    Thanks for your work!
    a follower from Oregon

  2. Hi teacherconfidential, good to hear from you during this week that I'm sure has evoked feelings of grief and betrayal for all of us who supported Hillary Clinton and continue to hold her in our thoughts and prayers.

    I can't imagine how Hillary is able to cope with it all.

    Please continue to stop by. I value your input.