Friday, August 15, 2008

Are Democrats Planning a Rigged Election in Denver?

After all the buzz yesterday about the Obama camp’s agreement to allow Hillary Clinton’s name on the ballot – according to the rules, it’s Clinton’s right – Heidi Li’s post offers a sobering take on what might be shaping up for the Democratic Party’s convention.

Heidi Li writes:

“As I have been saying for months now, as an individual and as co-founder of The Denver Group, a rigged election is no election - at least not as understood by anybody who takes democracy and the franchise seriously. There is no such thing as a "symbolic" vote. There is either a vote or there is not a vote.

“At the time of this writing, neither candidate, nor the DNC, has formally said that a deal has been cut to ensure having a roll vote will not disturb a predetermined rigged outcome. But neither candidate, nor the DNC, has said a word as more and more major news outlets interpret the statement issued today as one that evidences just such a deal.”

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