Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Hit Job on Hillary by the Atlantic’s Josh Green

This morning’s article in the Atlantic, the anti-feminist online magazine in which Josh Green attempts to smear Hillary Clinton just one more time prior to the Democratic party’s national convention this month in Denver, does not live up to the hype that preceded it. The lengthy supposed expose of the internal workings of the Clinton campaign isn’t even good reading and as Egalia points out in her 3:a.m. post at Tenn. Guerilla Women, “Green is one of the irresponsible ‘journalists’ who helped put Bush, instead of Gore, into the White House.”

Egalia notes:

“Yet over the years, Joshua Green has written enough negative pieces about Hillary Rodham Clinton to make him a charter member in the Chris Matthews club of men who are obsessed with the former First Lady. So now Joshua Green wants us to believe that he has the 'empirical truth' about Hilary Rodham Clinton's historic presidential campaign? Green supports his long ago formed opinions with some 200 leaked emails which were selected from untold tens of thousands of emails for the sole purpose of proving that Green's disdain for Hillary Rodham Clinton is based on something akin to ‘truth.”’

Egalia’s post reminds us that despite the obstacles she faced, Hillary Clinton won a long list of state primaries including CA, NY, NJ, PA, OH, FL, MI, AZ, TX, MA, WV, KY, while garnering a popular vote of over 18 million.

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  1. Has anyone suggested that maybe the "causative agent" of all the "Hillary Bashing" is the medical industry? She really tried to promote universal health care and so she hit Big Pharma right where they live. It was like challenging Godzilla to a fist fight. I admit it seems like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but...