Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes! Let’s Eliminate the Caucus System in Favor of Primaries

The Minnesota Democratic caucus was held one evening after dark in early February. I had recently changed residences and so had to participate at an unfamiliar location. I took a drive during daylight hours to check out the site’s accessibility for a woman with arthritic knees who has difficulty negotiating slippery sidewalks. One glance and I knew it would not be safe for this devoted Clinton supporter to attend the caucus.

The point was raised repeatedly throughout the Democratic primary that by not allowing absentee ballots, the caucus system excludes shift workers and those who are serving in the military. And it also makes it difficult for seniors and those who suffer physical disabilities to participate.

I was gratified to come across Lanny Davis’ post this morning urging the Democratic Party to eliminate the caucus system in favor of state primaries. A prominent Washington lawyer and political analyst for Fox News, Davis points out even more flaws in the caucus system. He begins:

“It's time for Democrats to kill the undemocratic and elitist caucus system for selecting national convention delegates for the presidential nomination. Instead, all delegates should be selected in primaries.

“The 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver -- the national party's supreme governing body -- can do it - or at least take the first step to doing it by passing a resolution establishing a new "Presidential Selection Rules Reform Commission." Such Commissions have been established many times before, beginning after the 1968 convention, to change the delegate selection rules. A new one is needed more than ever.”

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  1. Sounds like a good idea. I'm looking forward to the day that all political decisions are made with real-time voting on-line. Fire all the "representatives" because they won't be needed. Give them a going away gift, like a watch or something. Since discovering that our representatives don't read the bills they vote on, I've determined that they should all be fired.