Thursday, August 21, 2008

Netroots Lefties Don’t Rule the World

The Left, ginned up by the netroots, used every obscene sexist term in its collective vocabulary during the Democratic primary in its efforts to destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Nevertheless, when the ethically compromised DNC handed the title of presumptive nominee to Barack Obama on June 3 in St. Paul, the One had barely secured enough delegates, and Clinton led in the popular vote.

As Obama repeatedly betrayed his base in his lunge toward the center, Left-wingers complained, but they always made sure to malign Hillary Clinton in passing so that - God forbid - no one would get the impression they had actually made a mistake in picking Obama as their savior, er, candidate.

In the general election, the Left has shifted the primary thrust of its bigoted assaults from Clinton toward John McCain by spewing ageist venom at the Republican party’s presumptive nominee and attacking his character at every opportunity.

Obama continues to claim purity; according to him, he runs a dignified, clean campaign. As in the Democratic primary, he appears oblivious to the rabid hate mongering of his backers who get especially fired up when their candidate is clearly the loser in a public arena.

Most recently, Obamaphiles flooded the Internet with charges that McCain cheated during the Saddleback civil forum, claiming he knew the questions beforehand and also accusing the Vietnam war veteran of stealing his anecdote about the prison guard drawing a cross in the sand from Russian author Solzhenitsyn.

The Editor’s Pick at TPM yesterday, Aug. 20, 2008, set the record straight about the cross story:

“There's been a ton of buzz on the web for the last day or so -- beginning with this Daily Kos diary -- suggesting that John McCain patterned his story about a Vietamese captor drawing a cross in the dirt before him on a similar episode from Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn's time in the Soviet gulags.

“But it turns out that this episode probably never happened to Solzhenitsyn at all, and according to a Solzhenitsyn biographer it appears nowhere in his published writing. Columbia University professor Michael Scammell, the author of Solzhenitsyn: A Biography, says the episode "never happened," and didn't appear in Solzhenitsyn's book, Gulag Archipelago, either.”

Read the full Editor's Pick here.

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