Friday, August 15, 2008

Listen Up, People: Symbolic Votes Are What They Have in Iran?!

Marc Rubin, co-founder of the Denver Group, speaks out in response to the suggestion that the roll call vote for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Party’s convention will be a “symbolic gesture.”

Rubin writes:

“Yesterday's news that Senator Clinton was going to have her name placed in nomination (as it should have been in the first place) was completely undermined by a degree of political stupidity by Obama and the DNC so stupefying that one would think it was beyond even the most inept politician.

‘“A few hours after the announcement that Senator Clinton's name would be placed in nomination, someone in the Obama campaign or the DNC, at the behest of the Obama campaign, put out a statement saying that Clinton's name in nomination and the subsequent roll call vote will be ‘a symbolic gesture’ reducing it to something as fake as Obama's ill fated Presidential seal.”’

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