Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Party Yet to Make Amends for its Shameless Disrespect for Women

Michelle Obama gave a great speech this evening, and I appreciated her grace and warmth and the fact that she even managed to acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s achievements. I’m a civil rights activist from way back - I joined thousands of women to march in Chicago in May, 1980 in support of the Equal Rights Amendment – and throughout my adult life I’ve fought for the rights of women and minority groups. So despite my grief for the way Hillary Clinton has been treated, a part of me is glad to witness the life stories of Michelle and Barack Obama, and I do wish them well.

Nevertheless, I continue to feel a deep sense of betrayal by the Democratic Party and those representatives of both the old and the new media who mistreated Hillary Clinton and continue to take cheap shots at both Bill and Hillary and her supporters, as demonstrated by the CNN crew this evening in the opening hours of the Democratic convention.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m not likely to return to the Democratic Party anytime soon.

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