Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Does Obama Fear an Open Convention?

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Rumor has it the Obama team is resisting attempts by Clinton supporters to have her name on the ballot with a roll call vote at the national convention in a couple of weeks. You have to wonder why Obama and company fear an open convention conducted according to democratic procedures. Carla Marinucci offers a few clues in her article in the San Francisco Chronicle today, Aug. 12, 2008 that begins:

“A determined crowd of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's delegates - preparing to head to the Democratic Party's national convention in Denver - have begun gathering signatures to ensure her name is placed into nomination, insisting their effort won't take spotlight off presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

“Many of those involved in the campaign, which they say is a matter of respect and acknowledgement of 18 million voters who backed Clinton, argue that the nomination of the New York senator is a matter of historic and political precedent at such party conventions. And they're chafing at reports that the campaign of the Illinois senator is resisting the efforts - and even hoping to avoid a roll-call vote.”

Marinucci spoke to several Clinton delegates who are prepared to vote for her in Denver:

‘“Since 1884, we've had a roll-call vote. ... It's a nominating convention, not a coronation,’ said Garry Mauro, the four-term Texas land commissioner and past gubernatorial candidate who ran against George W. Bush - and who will go to his 10th Democratic national convention this month as a Clinton delegate.’

“With less than two weeks until Aug. 25, when Democrats open their nominating convention in Denver, the sentiment is typical of many Clinton delegates who say the nomination of the New York senator from the floor of the convention doesn't endanger Obama's presidential campaign - and could serve his cause.

“The Obama campaign declined to comment on the story, but many supporters of the presumed Democratic nominee suggest that Clinton will get more than her share of high-profile face time and respect at the convention.

“She is scheduled to deliver a keynote address on Aug. 26 - reportedly to be introduced by her daughter, Chelsea - and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is delivering the prime-time address on the following night, when the vice presidential candidate is nominated.

“’Still, ‘I don't think there's any harm in nominating Sen. Clinton at the convention,’ said David Serrano Sewell of San Francisco, one of the delegates at the forefront of the signature-gathering movement. ‘It will acknowledge the success we had, and it will give an opportunity for people to express themselves and get behind Obama and win in November.’

“Already, he said, Clinton delegates have more than half of the 300 signatures needed to put Clinton's name into nomination - and they fully expect to get more than enough by the time the convention begins in Denver.”

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  1. Well, what is bothering me the most here are the rumors that Senator Clinton will decline to have her name put on the ballot in nomination in order to facilitate "party unity. I'm afraid that her supporters are fighting in vain to have this done. But then again, the good Senator is a highly intelligent woman and it could be that she is keeping her cards close to her chest. I certainly hope that is the case.

    And Virginia, thank you for your continuous support for Senator Clinton and continuing to keep us informed.