Friday, August 15, 2008

A Three-Week Moment in the General Election

In today’s Washington Post, Dan Balz lays out a compressed calendar of events covering the next three weeks in the general election for candidates Obama and McCain, while noting the uncertainty of what might happen in Denver with Hillary Clinton’s name on the ballot.

Dan Balz’s Take is worth reading for the heads up it offers those of us who remain intensely engaged this time around in America’s process for picking the next president. But perhaps Balz’s most tantalizing comment is this one buried in the middle of the piece:

“…Still, there are at least a few veterans who understand the unpredictable dynamics of a convention floor. They worry that the plan to put Clinton's name in nomination could spin in directions neither Clinton nor Obama anticipates. Their view is that with as many delegates as Clinton will have in Denver, that moment could produce spontaneous emotions that will retard rather than accelerate the process of unifying the party.”

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