Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hillary’s Backers Will Be Heard in Denver

At Real Clear Politics, Stephen Ohlemacher reports that Clinton backers will be making noise at the Democratic convention in Denver.

In other words, Mr. Ohlemacher, they’re still refusing the dictates of party leaders to sit down, shut up, and get with the program?

Ohlemacher writes:

'"The Clinton and Obama campaigns have pledged in a joint statement to 'ensure that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected" at the convention.

"They have not, however, decided whether Clinton's name will be placed in nomination.

"'The only way a Democratic Party will have the credibility to elect a Democrat in November is if the party uses a legitimate process to choose its nominee," said Heidi Li Feldman, co-founder of The Denver Group. 'We are not per se a Clinton support group, we are a Democratic Party get-your-act-together support group.'

"Some of the activists complain the Obama campaign manipulated party caucuses; others feel the media treated Clinton unfairly. Nearly all are still angry over how the party divvied up delegates from the Florida and Michigan primaries.

"With the agreement of all Democratic candidates, the states were initially stripped of all their delegates for violating party rules by holding early primaries. None of the candidates campaigned in the two states, but Clinton won the two primaries and thereafter tried to get all the delegates seated.

"The national party reinstated the delegates in May, but gave each a half vote. And it awarded Obama some Michigan delegates, although he had taken his name off that ballot because of the party's initial decision.

"With the nomination clinched, Obama said this month that he would seek to give both delegations full voting rights."

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