Thursday, August 14, 2008

Even in Hawaii, Obama Sees Clinton Clouds on the Horizon

Personally, I've been opposed to the idea of Hillary Clinton accepting the VP slot on the ticket with Obama since day one. It’s simple: she’d have to play second fiddle for four years to the less qualified presidential candidate, and I can’t think of a worse employment situation.

However, Richard Cohen’s column in today’s Washington Post titled Clinton Clouds on the Horizon so humorously and cleverly portrays Obama’s musings about a potential running mate that I feel compelled to link to it here. Cohen begins:

‘"It sure is nice to be back here in Hawaii, sitting on the beach with Michelle and the girls, just staring out at the ocean and up at the sky. Just look at those magnificent clouds. They look like what's on my mind. That one's shaped like Ohio. And that one looks like Virginia. Whoa! What's with that one? It looks like a woman in a pantsuit. God, it's getting so I see Hillary everywhere.

‘"Hillary and Bill and Bill and Hillary. Give 'em a place at the convention. Let 'em have a roll call vote. Let her speak. Let him speak. Pay off her debt. Why? It's her debt. If I had lost, would the Clintons be paying off mine? Fat chance. Uh-oh, that cloud's getting closer.

‘"The Gallup poll has me and McCain about tied. Tied! I should be killing him. But look at the recent numbers. Me up by a little and then he comes up and then it's me again. On a graph it looks like the brain scan of a dead man. I've got to do something. That cloud's coming right at me.

“"If there's a single demographic I should have but don't, it's white women. I beat McCain by almost 10 points with women in general, but he beats me with white women by six. Those are Hillary's people. She kept winning them in the primaries. Working-class white women love Hillary. I understand. They know what it's like to be kicked around by life. What's up with that cloud? It looks like it's getting bigger.”’

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