Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video: Bipartisan Sarah Palin on Super Tuesday last February

Go here to watch video: AP “Street Team 08 Exclusive” interview of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Super Tuesday during the presidential primaries. Palin offers her views of the candidates and discusses what she feels are the major issues facing America. She comes through as a very bipartisan political leader.

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  1. Great video thanks. I like her alot. That she supported Ron Paul is huge because I have alot of respect for his message. I would suggest anyone to read his book Revolution. It is a short and to the point and I would say he is a compasionate conservative. Is is kind of like D. Kucinich but conservative. Conservative is not a bad word either. When I read the book I understood more about the difference between conservative and neocon.

    As a Dem I am begininng to like John Mccains choice more and more.