Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sen. Clinton’s Statement on Obama’s VP pick

Reminding voters of her stature and years of service to her country, Hillary Clinton has released a statement on Obama’s selection of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate:

"In naming my colleague and friend Senator Joe Biden to be the Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Obama has continued in the best traditions for the Vice Presidency by selecting an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant. Senator Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic Vice President who will help Senator Obama both win the Presidency and govern this great country."

As I’ve said on several previous occasions, the vice presidency in an Obama administration would have been a step down for Hillary Clinton. As the more mature, experienced, and knowledgeable member of the executive team, she would have been forced to suffer in silence throughout the next four years while Obama completes his on-the-job training.

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