Sunday, August 31, 2008

Standing Up for Sarah Palin Against Obama’s Online Shock Troops

If you’re a regular visitor at Katalusis, you may have been surprised and a little concerned lately by my several posts in support of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who was recently chosen by John McCain to be his running mate.

Not to worry. As a lifelong Democrat who re-registered a couple of months ago as non-affiliated to protest the barbaric treatment of Hillary Clinton by my fellow Democrats this presidential year, I’m not about to join the Republicans. I continue to relish my freedom from any sense of obligation to put up with crap from political hacks of either major party.

And therein lies the real reason I’ve been standing up for Sarah Palin. As a progressive, I don’t agree with her on many important issues, such as women’s reproductive rights, creationism, and the war in Iraq. At the same time, the youthful Palin has many qualities that I admire and respect, and I’ve been appalled by the barrage of sexist, misogynous attacks unleashed against her by the Obama machine. Obama’s online shock troops have been out in force since the moment Palin first set foot on the national stage, and there’s been no let up. These are the same hooligans who did their best to destroy Hillary Clinton, and now they’re going after the youthful Alaskan governor.

This is unacceptable and along with several other feminist-leaning bloggers who supported Hillary Clinton, I feel obligated to stand with Sarah Palin against these attacks. I hope regular readers of Katalusis will join me in this effort.

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