Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Rev. Rick Warren to Interview McCain and Obama Today

Well, it’s a Saturday night special in mid-August and what better way could you think of to spend a summer evening than watching an evangelical preacher, the Rev. Rick Warren, interview Barack Obama and John McCain about their faith? Seriously. The forum will be televised on CNN and Fox News Channel at 8 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. CST today, August 16, 2008.

Duke Helfand at the LA Times provides some in-depth background material on this religion meets politics event and the pastor who has instigated it.

Helfand writes:

“Today's forum also is a sign of religion's importance in the 2008 presidential campaign, and the emergence of a new style of evangelical leadership on the national stage that is not tied to a single party and has broadened its social agenda beyond that of the religious right.”

To read the entire article, go here.


I’m planning to watch the interview this evening and will post my comments.

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