Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Democrats and the Unity Thing in New Hampshire

Photo credits: AP

A lot of talk on the Web yesterday about the small town of Unity, New Hampshire where Obama and Clinton, color-coordinated (his tie almost matches her pants suit), attempted to bring the Democrats together in a spirit of unity they hope will turn red states blue in the coming general election.

The most detailed coverage I’ve seen in scanning my usual online sources is Foon Rhee’s account at Political Intel (Boston Globe). Rhee, the Globe’s deputy national political editor, includes important details that I noticed had been left out by other reporters, e.g., the specifics in Obama’s comments about the sexism that Hillary had encountered throughout her campaign.

There’s also a video clip of the event at Political Intel.

To read more and watch the video, go here.


  1. Very difficult to deal with seeing these pics. I did not watch any of this charade for obvious reasons. It was like watching a woman making nice with her abuser. It is not directed at Hillary but more about the position she and all women have been put in after watching the violent act commited against her and all women this primary season

  2. Anonymous, thanks for posting your insightful comment. You point out a very harsh truth. Please keep in touch.